How to learn new English words

Free Webinar "How to learn new English words with Vocabulary Worksheets"

Free webinar "How to learn new English words with Vocabulary Worksheets"

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Part 1 What is a Vocabulary Worksheet? How can it help you to learn new English words?
Part 2 - How to fill it out. Source sentence, definition, pronunciation
Part 3 - Why do we need synonyms and antonyms?
Part 4 - Sample sentences. Webinar "Sentence Structure and Word Order"

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Ally Parks


Hello everyone!

My name is Ally Parks.
I speak five languages, and I would like to share some of my tips and tricks in learning foreign languages.

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Teacher's qualifications

- Master of Arts, Teaching

- Bachelor of Arts, English as a Foreign Language.

- taught English Composition at the Northern California University

- TESOL Certified (Teaching English as a Second Language)

- published several books on Amazon

- speaks five languages